PhD Programs

REM currently hosts together with ISEG several Doctoral programs, notably: Economics; Applied Mathematics for Economics and Management; and Development Studies.

The Coordination of these three programs is done by REM members while the teaching of the first two programmes is also mainly done by REM members. In addition, REM is also linked to the PhD in Management and to the PhD in Economic and Social History as one of the host institutions.

All the PhD courses have been accredited again in 2015, for six years by the Portuguese national agency A3ES ("Agência de Avaliação e Acreditação do Ensino Superior", Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education - A3ES).

Ph.D. in Economics

The Ph.D. in Economics is designed for those who are looking for an advanced education and wish to carry out research in Economics, Macro or Micro related, in preparation for a highly qualified role in the public or private sector, university teaching and research, the leadership and management of national and international organizations, consulting, training, and research projects and studies. It is a research-focused plan that prepares for a profession that demands a high level of technical and scientific qualification, enabling graduates notably to pursue an international career.

Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics for Economics and Management

The Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics for Economics and Management is designed to meet the needs of those who wish to enhance their proficiency of mathematical methods and techniques in order to make original contributions in the fields within the scope of knowledge of this Ph.D. Programme or to develop and implement solutions for problems in the areas of Economics and Management. It targets both those who want to pursue an academic career and professionals who want to develop the skills to devise and implement innovative quantitative approaches for real-world problems.

Ph.D. in Development Studies

The Ph.D. in Development Studies is a research-focused program in the interdisciplinary area of the process of economic, social and political changes in modern societies. This program, originally hosted by ISEG, became a joint venture of ISEG, ICS (Institute of Social Sciences), IGOT (Institute of Geographic and Spatial Planning) and ISA (School of Agriculture) of Universidade de Lisboa.

Preliminary Courses

REM currently offers the following preliminary courses targeted to MSc and PhD students.

Taking such courses is quite useful for you, particularly if your academic background is not core Economics/Econometrics/Maths or if you have been for some time away from the Economics topics. All the courses will be conducted in-person, at ISEG. There will be no evaluation.

Course Fees


Please send us an e-mail to confirming which courses you want to attend. The payment will be according to the information above and below. Deadline for registration/payment: 26th August 2023.


Description: REM and your name (first name and surname)

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