REM Working Papers

Working Papers
Globalisation and economic growth: A panel data approach
Cândida Ferreira
Working Paper 048-2018
Fiscal Multipliers in the Eurozone: A SVAR Analysis
António Afonso and Frederico Silva Leal
Working Paper 047-2018
Financial Development and Economic Growth: A Study for OECD Countries in the Context of Crisis
António Afonso and M. Carmen Blanco-Arana
Working Paper 046-2018
Tax incidence and fiscal systems: some problems on tax compared history in XIX and XX centuries
José Alves
Working Paper 045-2018
Modeling insurgent-incumbent dynamics: Vector autoregressions, multivariate Markov chains, and the nature of technological competition
Bruno Damásio and Sandro Mendonça
Working Paper 044-2018
The 21st Century - Cluster Formation in the S&P 500
Maximilian Göbel and Tanya Araújo
Working Paper 043-2018
Decomposing and Analysing the Determinants of Current Accounts’ Cyclicality: Evidence from the Euro Area
António Afonso, João Jalles
Working Paper 042-2018
Demand, Supply and Markup Fluctuations
Carlos D. Santos, Luís F. Costa, Paulo Brito
Working Paper 041-2018
The networks of inter-industry flows in a SAM framework
Susana Santos, Tanya Araújo
Working Paper 040-2018
Non-base wage components as a source of wage adaptability to shocks: Evidence from European firms, 2010-2013
Jan Babecky, Clémence Berson, Ludmila Fadejeva, Ana Lamo, Petra Marotzke, Fernando Martins, Pawel Strzelecki
Working Paper 039-2018
Government Size, Unemployment, and Inflation Nexus in Eight Large Emerging Market Economies
António Afonso, Huseyin Sen, Ayse Kaya
Working Paper 038-2018
The effects of official and unofficial information on tax compliance
Filomena Garcia, Luca David Opromolla, Andrea Vezzulli, Rafael Marques
Working Paper 037-2018
Real Effects of Financial Distress: The Role of Heterogeneity
Francisco Buera, Sudipto Karmakar
Working Paper 036-2018
A static approach to the Nelson-Siegel-Svensson model: an application for several negative yield cases
Maria Teresa Medeiros Garcia, Vítor Hugo Ferreira Carvalho
Working Paper 035-2018
Calibration and the estimation of macroeconomic models
Nikolay Iskrev
Working Paper 034-2018
Are asset price data informative about news shocks? A DSGE perspective
Nikolay Iskrev
Working Paper 033-2018
The role of infrastructure efficiency in economic development – the case of underused highways in Europe
José Pedro Pontes, Joana Pais
Working Paper 032-2018
Twin Deficits Revisited: a role for fiscal institutions?
António Afonso, Florence Huart, João Tovar Jalles, Piotr Stanek
Working Paper 031-2018
Social Dominance
Ludger Schuknecht, Holger Zemanek
Working Paper 030-2018
The Macroeconomic Effects of Public Debt: An Empirical Analysis of Mozambique
António Afonso, Yasfir Ibraimo
Working Paper 029-2018
The Policy Mix in the US and EMU: Evidence from a SVAR Analysis
António Afonso, Luís Gonçalves
Working Paper 028-2018
Reforms and External Balances in Southern Europe and Ireland
Luís A. V. Catão
Working Paper 027-2018
Do Individual Investors Trade Differently in Different Markets?
Margarida Abreu, Victor Mendes
Working Paper 026-2018
Deindustrialization in the light of classical location theory
Armando J. G. Pires, José Pedro Pontes
Working Paper 025-2018
Impact of public and private sector external debt on economic growth
Jorge Silva
Working Paper 024-2018
Does Country Size Affect the Relationship between Population Density and Labour Productivity? Theory and Evidence for Europe
José Pedro Pontes, Patrícia Melo
Working Paper 023-2018
Exchange-traded Funds as an Alternative Investment Option: A Case Study
António Afonso, Pedro Cardoso
Working Paper 022-2017
Are external accounts sustainable in Portugal?
Jorge Silva
Working Paper 021-2017
Quantitative Easing and Sovereign Yield Spreads: Euro-Area Time-Varying Evidence
António Afonso, João Jalles
Working Paper 020-2017
Pricing Perpetual Put Options by the Black-Scholes Equation With a Nonlinear Volatility Function
Maria do Rosário Grossinho, Yaser Faghan Kord, Daniel Sevcovic
Working Paper 019-2017
Pricing American Call Option by the Black-Scholes Equation With a Nonlinear Volatility Function
Maria do Rosário Grossinho, Yaser Faghan Kord, Daniel Sevcovic
Working Paper 018-2017
The Welfare Costs of Self-Fulfilling Bank Runs
Elena Mattana, Ettore Panetti
Working Paper 017-2017
Fiscal Reaction Functions Across the World: A Battle of Statistical (In-) Significance
António Afonso, João Jalles
Working Paper 016-2017
Do Fiscal Rules Lower Government Financing Costs?
António Afonso, João Jalles
Working Paper 015-2017
The Investor in Structured Retail Products: Marketing Driven or Gambling Oriented?
Margarida Abreu, Victor Mendes
Working Paper 014-2017
Convexity in semi-metric spaces, decision theory and consumer theory
João Ferreira do Amaral
Working Paper 013-2017
Location of R&D activities by vertical multinationals over asymmetric countries
Carlos Eduardo Lobo, Silva and José Pedro Pontes
Working Paper 012-2017
The Inversion of the Spatial Lag Operator in Binary Choice Models: Fast Computation and a Closed Formula Approximation
Luís Silveira Santos, Isabel Proença
Working Paper 011-2017
Iterated Local Search Algorithm for the Vehicle Routing Problem with Backhauls and Soft Time Windows
José Brandão
Working Paper 010-2017
Leverage and Risk Weighted Capital Requirements
Leonardo Gambacorta, Sudipto Karmakar
Working Paper 009-2017
Financial Crisis, banking sector performance and economic growth in the European Union
Cândida Ferreira
Working Paper 008-2017
How Biased is the Behavior of the Individual Investor in Warrants?
Margarida Abreu
Working Paper 007-2017
Transport-Induced Agglomeration Effects: Evidence for US Metropolitan Areas
Patricia C. Melo, Daniel J. Graham
Working Paper 006-2017
Renormalization of Gevrey Vector Fields with a Brjuno Type Arithmetical Condition
João Lopes Dias, José Pedro Gaivão
Working Paper 005-2017
Static versus Dynamic Deferred Acceptance in School Choice: Theory and Experiment
Flip Klijn, Joana Pais, Marc Vorsatz
Working Paper 004-2017
Decentralized Matching Markets With(out) Frictions: A Laboratory Experiment
Joana Pais, Ágnes Pintér, Róbert F. Veszteg
Working Paper 003-2017
"Whatever it takes" to resolve the European sovereign debt crisis? Bond pricing regime switches and monetary policy effects
António Afonso, Michael G. Arghyrou, María Dolores Gadea, Alexandros Kontonikas
Working Paper 002-2017
Assessing the Sustainability of External Imbalances in the European Union
António Afonso, Florence Huart, João Tovar Jalles, Piotr Stanek
Working Paper 001-2017